Unveiling the Game-Changing Innovation: Goal Light Tech Founder Michael Press Shares His Journey and Vision

In this insightful Q&A, we had the privilege of sitting down with Michael Press, the visionary behind Goal Light Tech.

As the founder and CEO of this ground-breaking company, Michael shares his journey, inspiration, and the incredible impact his innovative technology is making in the world of sport.

Discover how Goal Light Tech is transforming the way fans experience live sporting events, bringing the thrill and excitement of the game right into their homes.

Can you tell us a little bit about the journey of Goal Light Tech?

Sure, absolutely! So, before working for CSM in Dubai, I used to work for a sports branding company. My role involved setting up stadiums and organizing sports events worldwide. It gave me first-hand exposure to the process of building stadiums and implementing fan engagement strategies. It was during this time that I got the idea for Goal Light Tech from looking at how cricket had started using lights on the stumps to show the bails had been removed. I thought, why not apply a similar concept to rugby? Being a huge rugby fan myself, I wanted to improve the fan experience in the sport.

How did Goal Light Tech progress from the initial idea?

Well, I discussed the idea with my tech director, who is based in Las Vegas, and together, we brainstormed a plan to get things rolling. We noticed that as stadiums kept getting bigger, it became challenging for fans to see if a kick or a drop goal was successful from certain parts of the ground.

There is always that secondary cheer from a portion of the crowd who couldn’t witness the action. I believe that sports should create memorable moments for everyone, regardless of where they are sitting. That’s what fuelled our determination to make Goal Light Tech a reality.

What were the challenges faced during the approval process?

Ah, it was quite a journey to gain approval from World Rugby. We had to go through extensive testing, and needed to ensure that our technology wouldn’t impact the ball’s rebound or speed. World Rugby was particularly concerned about any potential deflection. However, we developed the Wrap system, which cleverly follows the curvature of the post without affecting the ball’s trajectory.

Eventually, we obtained the green light from World Rugby and successfully showcased our technology at the following events…

  • Hong Kong Sevens in 2018
  • World Nine’s tournament in Australia
  • Sevens World Cup in Cape Town
  • European Champions and Challenge Cup in Marseille (Heineken Cup Final)
  • Big game 13 and 14 in Twickenham where it reacts with DJ’s playing pre Match

Are there any additional features or sports you are considering?

Absolutely! Our system is highly versatile and can be configured to cater to various sports that involve posts. We’ve already had the pleasure of showcasing Goal Light Tech in events like the State of Origin in Australia, which was truly amazing. We’ve also ventured into football, although it’s mostly been for invitational one-off games. However, achieving FIFA approval would open up even more possibilities for us. Additionally, we’re exploring potential applications in Gaelic Football, American football, hockey, and lacrosse.

What’s next for Goal Light Tech?

Well, we have a couple of exciting things lined up. We are involved in Soccer Aid at Old Trafford, which will be broadcasted on ITV. It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to reach a broader audience. As for advertising, we primarily focus on social media to share updates and engage with our audience.

Soccer Aid has a unique aspect with a constant cyan blue light that changes when a goal is scored, adding a nice touch. Looking ahead, we’re also in we’re just talking about planning to the Olympics. Super cool. And we’ll show innovation in the Olympics.

And what does the future hold?

We have several exciting projects in the pipeline. Currently the focus is on our involvement in the 2023 Paris Olympics Sevens event, which is really exciting, but hopefully there will be more events popping up in the coming months.

Goal Light Tech is primarily a Sevens product, and we’ve already established ongoing contracts with the Hong Kong and Dubai Sevens events. But we are aiming to continue growing and enhancing our product.

Interestingly, we’ve also begun discussions about exploring ways to improve the experience for visually impaired fans. It’s something we didn’t initially consider, but as we expand, we want to ensure inclusivity and accessibility for all.