Tips From Welsh Golf Professional Dan Spaldings

Tips from Welsh Golf Professional Dan Spaldings on…Putting 


Feet shoulder width to slightly narrower than shoulder width apart. This gives us a solid base, as in putting we do not want any lower body movement so a solid base is key.

Bend the knees slightly and tilt from the hips so your eye-line is slightly inside the ball. Being inside the ball with the eye-line is key to helping the putter work on an arc.

Most common faults in putting are when the player has their eye-line over to outside the ball causing them to take the putter head back on the outside. The ball position is to be lined slightly forward of centre in line with the left side of the chest.



There are several different styles of grip. With the conventional grip we want the lead hand to sit at the top of the grip with the putter grip running through the lifeline of the hand with the index extended out. Now slide the trail hand on so the pad sits over the lead thumb. Now place the lead hand index finger down the side along the ring finger on trail hand like seen in the picture.







Great feel for putting is to remember. ‘Lead hand controls pace and trail hand controls pace’

When taking the putter back allow it to work on its natural arc (slightly inside) the key is to move the putter with the shoulders forearms and wrists. This will allow for consistency in controlling where the putter travels. We are not trying to turn the upper body at any point. Focus on your sternum pointing towards the ball.

When the putter head comes through back on the arc it should finish in line with the target to slightly inside the line with the putter released fully (toe of putter slightly ahead of the heel) Wait to hear the ball drop in the hole before you lift your head up!!


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