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Sport has the power to both change and save lives. At Speakeasy club, we use sport as the driver to create inclusive, engaging, and fun environments. Through inspiring events, curious and non-judgmental conversations, and our online clubhouse ‘The Huddle’, we firmly believe everyone should be able to be themselves and share their passions with like-minded people.

Simon Clarke, Founder Speakeasy Club & The Huddle: ‘’ Sport has given me so much throughout my life. When I was struggling with mental illness, the rugby club clubhouse was my safe space, and almost a refuge from reality. We must protect these places for the community and the next generations. That’s what we aim to do through Speakeasy Club’’.

The aim is to put a huddle bench in every community sports club in the world. When you scan the QR code on each bench, it takes you straight to our online clubhouse; ‘The Huddle’, where you’ll have access to free mental health support and resources. We know it can be scary to ask questions and be curious, but we’re here to help you and those around you.

Stephen Clarke, Chair of the Old Penarthians RFC says: ‘’ As a club we’re delighted and honoured to have been chosen as the venue for the first ever Huddle Bench to be made. As a club, we pride ourselves on being committed to inclusive rugby opportunities, and that extends to the wellbeing of our players and members on and off the pitch.’’

Every journey must begin somewhere, and Speakeasy Club’s first target, in partnership with Rugby Mental Health charity Looseheadz, is to work with all 274 registered rugby clubs in Wales.

Angharad Collins, Head of Places says the WRU recently launched a new online learning platform called Dysgu WRU at Old Penarthians. ‘’Our rugby clubhouses are at the hearts of our communities throughout Wales. The first Huddle Bench from Speakeasy at Old Penarthians signifies the importance of having a safe space to discuss mental health, and how vital our rugby clubhouses are to the community. We look forward to watching Speakeasy’s mission of getting a bench into every rugby club in Wales.’’


How will it work?

  • The Huddle Bench provides a place for people to sit and chat over a beer or a coffee and each one is in Speakeasy pink, with the aim to show that being different is ok.
  • Each bench will have QR codes with links to the Huddle, our Clubhouse online as well as the relevant charity.
  • Bench sponsors will get their choice of which club or community venue their bench goes into and will also determine which charity/organisation has their QR Code on that bench.
  • Working with our bench partner R&L Developments of Penarth, there will be the opportunity for benches to be built by a community group (veterans, ex-offenders, young people from Princes Trust etc.)
  • Cost is approx. £600.

What’s in it for me?

  • Sport and clubhouses can not only enhance, but also save lives
  • Working together to raise awareness of mental health and improve well-being
  • Engaging the community in chosen charities and raising much needed funds
  • Each bench gives different groups the chance to feel part of something

The aim to put a Huddle bench in every sports club in the world is certainly a lofty one, but one we’re committed too. Are you and your club with us?

For further information on how you can sponsor or support a Huddle bench at your community venue, Contact Simon on or visit


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