Ones to Watch – Joel Cotterill

We keep a watchful eye on Wales’s up and coming sports stars.


Joel Cotterill – Football Player

  • Sport: Football
  • Age: 18
  • Current club: Swansea City U21’s

Tell us a bit about your early days as a football player up to today.

I’ve been kicking a ball since I knew how to walk. As a child I had a ball at my feet everywhere I went, every day without fail. I joined Swansea at the age of 7 and have gone through each stage bit by bit, coming up to u21’s football and being a young lad to captain the team, which is great but have not reached my end goal just yet.


Any big wins under the belt?

I would say the biggest win in my career so far would be against Colchester 2 years ago as we were struggling in the league, but we beat them and gained confidence and went on to do well towards the end of the season.


What are you most proud of to date in your career?

Obviously, I’m most proud of signing my first professional contract and I would say being on the bench 5 times is definitely up there as well to get some experience of what first team football is like. It makes me have more hunger and desire to achieve my goals.


Where do you hope to be playing in five years?

In five years’ time I would like to be playing in the premier league for Manchester United, which is the team I support. I want to make a huge name for myself and become one of the best.


What are your main strengths?

My main strengths are running with the ball, my passing ability over long distances and short distances and 1v1 attacking.


Who is your biggest inspiration in your sport?

My biggest inspiration in football I would say is Kevin de Bruyne as I look up to him and want to be the player he is in the next few years and hope to be playing in the Premier League.


What are the next steps/moves in your career?

My next step in my career would be to sign another deal with Swansea to make my first team appearance and get the experience of what it’s like playing at that level and being around the atmosphere.