KitKlub – Mike Doyle on 2023 So Far!

KitKlub ambassador Mike Doyle is the friendly face of KitKlub, traveling from club to club, visiting training sessions, matches, and even the odd presentation evening showing support to all clubs that are part of the initiative.

With the first chunk of 2023 behind us, here Mike speaks about his favourite moments from the year so far!

What has been your 2023 highlight so far?

Mike: “As with every year, the highlight is always being welcomed with open arms to be a part of each club when I go to visit. I have received nothing but positive feedback in regards to the initiative and how much it has helped each individual team.

Seeing all the match reports and photos we get sent by the teams is also a highlight; the beaming smile of an under 7s player receiving player of the match will never get old, just like watching an under 16’s team lifting their league trophy. We help all abilities and celebrating their victories no matter how big or small is always a highlight!’’

In 2023, KitKlub has added a bit of superstar sparkle, what has it been like visiting clubs alongside Gareth Thomas?

Mike: “Gareth has an incredibly inspirational back story from when he was younger. Not really playing until he was in his teens due to costs, it makes it hit home that KitKlub could be providing the chance for the next Alfie to play the game they love.”

He continued “Having a genuine rugby superstar visit the three junior rugby teams we have visited so far has been a great experience. Giving the kids once-in-a-lifetime memories that they will talk about not only at school the next day, but for the rest of their lives is something that is extremely heart-warming.”

Looking forward to the rest of 2023, what are the goals for yourself and KitKlub?

Mike: “More of the same really. KitKlub will continue to help sponsor playing kits for clubs who need them the most and hopefully, in turn, take some pressure off the coaches, parents, and volunteers meaning they can concentrate on the kids having fun and developing their skills rather than trying to find sponsors. We are also looking to give more teams the KitKlub spotlight treatment, where we get a camera crew to their training session or match and create mini-documentaries for them.”


KitKlub is an initiative that was founded in 2011, Trade Centre Wales (TCW) has been providing kits to local junior teams across Wales.

The initiative provides sports kits across rugby, football, cricket, and netball, supporting all age groups, both boys and girls, from under 7’s all the way through to under 17’s.

KitKlub now provides over 400 clubs with kit across the UK, with over 100 being in Wales alone. Once approved as a KitKlub team, clubs are provided with kits year after year to ensure they don’t have to worry about the cost of replacing their kit each season.