Introducing the Esports Welsh Masters 2023

Esports Wales has launched the 2023 Welsh Masters tournament, which will take place in March and April, featuring the very best esports athletes in Wales competing in a variety of games. The tournament aims to select the best players to represent the country in international competitions. 

In addition to the exciting competition, we are thrilled to announce that the top players from the Welsh Masters tournament in CSGO, Efootball, Dota 2, and Tekken will have the opportunity to compete in Qualifiers for the World Esports Championships in IASI. 

The World Esports Championships is one of the biggest esports events in the world, and we are excited to give Welsh players the chance to compete on this global stage. The Welsh Masters tournament will provide a platform for talented players to showcase their skills and compete for the opportunity to represent their country in IASI. 

The 2023 Welsh Masters tournament will include the following games: 

  • CSGO on the 18th of March 

  • Efootball on the 19th of March 

  • Dota 2 on the 25th of March 

  • Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V on the 26th of March 

  • Rocket League on the 1st of April 

  • F1 on the 2nd of April 

These games have been selected to showcase the diverse range of esports talent in Wales. Esports Wales is committed to developing and promoting esports in Wales, and we believe that this tournament will help put Welsh esports on the map. 

We are also excited to announce that for CSGO, we will be selecting players for both the Open and Women’s teams. 

Esports enthusiasts can follow the tournament on our website and social media channels for updates, highlights, and behind-the-scenes content. We look forward to an exciting tournament and hope to see you there!  Catch all the action on twitch >