Captain, Ben Tozer Talks Everything Wrexham

 from Disney+ Documentaries to battling for promotion from the National League and Hollywood Owners.

How’s life being a footballer and a TV star at the moment?

I’m far from a TV star, but it’s certainly been a fun few years at Wrexham!

The owners are brilliant. Everything seems to be going in the right direction, off the field, which is helping us kind of on the field.

I think a few people thought the documentary and the Hollywood lights would distract from the football being played. But it has been the opposite, the producers and the people working on the show have been great and it definitely hasn’t distracted us from performing at our highest level.

It has brought a lot to the club as well, it’s been great to see the story and the history of the club being broadcast around the world. We have fans coming from America and all over the world, which is huge for the town and great for the club too.

Is the disappointment of last season driving the team forward this year?

I think the mentality is probably the reason why we are still fighting at the top of the league. We have the ability; we just must stay focussed now and continue to fight hard until the end of the season.

We have put the disappointment of last season behind us. I think we have learned a lot from that disappointment. Success comes down to getting things right at the right time. Team selections, changing players. We’ve had a few bumps in the road with injuries but the experience around the dressing room has definitely helped.

I’ll be honest with you; I didn’t even know we broke the clubs’ consecutive wins record, the other week because the only thing I want is the promotion at the end. We are all enjoying our football, but all the accolades we could possibly achieve this year wouldn’t really mean anything unless we got promoted.

How big an impact has Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney made on the team, as well as the community?

There’s been a real sense of positivity around the club since they arrived, their personalities are so infectious.

It’s incredible how they’ve come in; when you see how busy their schedules are, and they have given so much time to the club and the local community, it’s made a huge difference. They’ve had such an impact, their energy is contagious, and they care so much about the community, which I think is the most important thing.

They have really forged a connection with the fans, they have brought the right people to the club, they have been amazing for the club and Wrexham in general.

What are your thoughts on the direction the club is heading?

The potential of the club is astronomical. It’d be amazing to see how far it goes. I think it could go very, very, very far. In terms of testing ourselves against, you never know, really, because the Cup games, throw up the freak result.

I felt like we should be proud of what we achieved in the FA Cup, we arguably should have beaten Sheffield United, but we showed a real good account of ourselves.

To win the league or get promoted this season would be a fantastic achievement because the opposition have been exceptional. It would certainly mean a lot to the fans and the community as well, so we are really fighting hard to give something back to them.

We always have a focus on ourselves, we have to avoid any sort of slip up at this point, so we need to make sure we’re playing the best we can consistently.

Our battle with Notts County has been compared to the Messi Ronaldo debate, we’ve pushed each other to reach such a high level, it’s been a great contest throughout the season and I’m sure it will go right down to the wire.

We won’t have any regrets at the end of the season, the squad has worked so hard, hopefully we can all enjoy these last few months of the season!