Top Tips To Get Into Training In The Gym

By Ffion McGowen @ Snap Fitness

Looking to get started on your fitness journey, but not sure where to start? Perhaps you’ve tried in the past, but not quite cracked getting into a routine? We’ve got some top tips to try to help you build the foundations to make 2023 the year that you finally crack the gym routine that you enjoy and suits you!

Try out a class.

Classes are a great way to start and build your confidence in a gym environment. You can learn exercises within a group environment, get the benefit of fitness instructors and Personal Trainers without making that first step of speaking to them directly on the gym floor and even find yourself some gym buddies! This can also help you build a routine; finding your favourite class and attending each week is a great way to help yourself stay accountable and will also help you see progress each week.

Take advantage of a free personal training induction.

Did you know that a lot of Personal Trainers will offer a free induction? Speak to the team in your gym to see if this is something that they offer and get yourself booked in.

Mobile Apps.

Snap Fitness offer an exclusive ‘Snap App’ which provides everything from tailored workouts in your pocket, to on-demand classes. If you don’t have the courage to see a Personal Trainer straight away, this can be an ideal way to provide yourself with ideas of what to do in the gym, with video demonstrations of each exercise.

Take advantage of staff in the gym.

Gym staff are here to help you (I promise we are not scary!). Don’t be afraid to ask for help, all of the team will be able to show you how to set up the kit you want and offer you their own tips of where to begin.

Get a gym buddy.

Drag along your friend, family member or your neighbour. Training with someone can help with your accountability and also make attending the gym far more social and enjoyable!

Form a routine.

You don’t have to go from never setting foot in the gym to training 7 days a week. Set 1 day aside per week where you are going to attend and build from there. Habits take time to form, take everything one step at a time and don’t rush.

Find what you enjoy.

Not everyone loves running or lifting weights. Find what YOU enjoy. Exercise shouldn’t be a chore or the part of the day that you dread, use exercise as your time to switch off and enjoy what you are doing.

Try a different time.

Struggle to train after work and hate the evening peak times? Why not try getting up that extra bit earlier and starting the day with an early morning session? 24/7 gyms like Snap Fitness are a great idea if you find yourself wide awake at night with no restrictions on when you can train.